Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Waste / Recycle


Hi welcome to the waste and recycling action group.

We are the wasters! However, we will redefine "wasters".

Presently we are a small group but very passionate, focused and with big plans. We welcome you all to join our group. We anticipate becoming a huge action group capable if moving mountains, mountains of trash and recycling that is! If you have an interest in reducing litter around town, on the beaches, the use of plastic bags, encouraging and educating about recycling and composting and working towards a city wide residential and commercial composting program then JOIN US.

After all we all generate waste and we all MUST recycle.

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  1. California Bag Ban Bill, AB-1998 Passes.

    Single use plastic bag facts :

    the Natural Resource Committee on bill AB 1998 which would ban single-use paper and plastic bags in California. Bill 1998 (Brownley-D) passed out of the Natural Resources Committee with a 6-3 vote. April 15th 2010 -

    As you can imagine, the discussion largely circulated around the HUGE impact single-use bags have on our earth and marine environment. It has been suggested that debris, such as plastic bags, look similar to, and are mistaken for jellyfish. Plastic bags photo-degrade in the ocean and marine life ingest the particles especially in areas of the Pacific where plastic particles out number zoo-plankton.

    It comes as no surprise that the plastic bag lovers (aka The American Chemistry Council and single-use bag manufacturers) obviously spoke out in opposition to the bill. However, their arguments did not sway the committee as the bill passed on a 6-3 vote.

    AB 1998 will be revisited in May (2010) by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
    AB 1998 is support by environmental groups, the Governor and many of the grocery stores. Let’s make California a leader and vote for a comprehensive statewide plastic bag ban today by making a few phone calls. This bill also includes paper bags must be 40% post-consumer and a fee charged. With a little encouragement consumer will do the right thing. CALL TODAY – if you are in Orange County , please contact

    Assembly member Solorio: Sacto Office: (916) 319-2069

    Please also take the time to thank Solorio for his support to save the OC Fairgrounds!

    Letters are the best – fax to 916-319-2169

    keep informed plastic facts here :

  2. Greetings All,

    Please join us for the Waste & Recycling Action Team Meeting this weekend:

    DATE: Saturday, June 5
    TIME: 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.
    LOCATION: Laguna Beach City Hall Lawn, under the Pepper Tree.


    Contact Mahlia Hines via email at

  3. FYI ::: June 4th 2010 the Plastic Bag got sacked in CA.

    Credit ::: Saved by The Bay.

    AB 1998, the bill to ban single-use plastic bags, has passed the California State Assembly. Next, the bill heads to the state Senate, and if it passes, California will become the first state in the nation to ban single-use plastic bags. Read the text of AB 1998 and why California needs this bill.

    According to Dan Jacobson, the legislative director of Environment California, which has undergone a massive campaign to help pass the bill, AB 1998 passed narrowly in the Assembly, with the minimum required number of votes. That means public support has been and will continue to be crucial to making this bill law. It’s all about consumers; if we the consumer are willing to make a change, we really can make a positive impact on the environment.

    Credit ::: Credit

    ::: Credit - Heal The Bay.

    Each year, the State of California spends approximately $25 million to landfill discarded
    plastic bags. The annual cost to clean Los Angeles County’s 31 miles of coastline is over $4 million. Taxpayer Costs.

    San Francisco was the first U.S. city to ban singleuse plastic bags in pharmacies and grocery stores. Since then, the cities of Fairfax12, Malibu,13 Manhattan Beach,14 and Palo Alto15 passed ordinances banning plastic carryout bags. Some of these cities are considering the possible placement of a fee on paper carryout bags to drive the use of reusable bags.

    Bangladesh, Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany,
    Hong Kong, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico City,
    Netherlands, New Delhi, India, South Africa, and
    Taiwan all have imposed a single use plastic bag
    fee, tax, ban, or a combination. Collectively, these countries represent an estimated 25% of the world’s population that has committed to reducing single-use plastic bags.
    Ireland implemented a plastic bag fee to
    discourage the excessive use of plastic bags (the fee was increased to 33¢ in 2007). Since 2002, plastic bag use has decreased by an estimated 90%.

    ::: credit -

    FYI ::: So get the word out, contact your state legislator to show your support, and check Environment California’s campaign page for more info.

  4. Very good job. Today is the time to move ahead. One way to prevent for plastic wastes is by using reusable bags.