Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Education / Eco-Spirituality / Dynamics of Change Group

Billy That's right, folks.

Calling all healers, yogis, poets, dancers, trancers, hoopers, drummers, chefs and shamans. I want to hold a Transition Summer party on the beach this summer. It will be a celebration of all things Transition Laguna, where we enjoy the company of each other on a splendid summer day. It's a day of personal growth and community, where everyone brings some thing to share... either knowledge, skill, or food.
Bring yummies from your garden, provide a cooking demonstration, a healing arts workshop, or a yoga class. Me? I'll bring a fleet of kayaks and stand-up paddleboards, and a whole bunch of drums.

How about a Saturday or Sunday in August?

I'm thinking Goff Beach by the Montage, because it's quiet, secluded, calm and beautiful. Anyone wanna help organize? Volunteer something to share?

The dialogue starts here and now



  1. Yay, you know I am in! This is a great idea and I really liked our groups other ideas from the breakfast as well. We need to get organized and plan a little meeting of the minds. Can you post some info. about the dancing at the womens center on here? I would love to attend that as well!

    xo Lauren

  2. Yes... will get to it in a minute. And I'll post all the other ideas. Thnx

  3. Hey Education / Change Action Group. We're putting together a note to send out to each Action Group Facilitator to invite to a June 1 meeting to brainstorm about structure and direction from this point forward. So, Billy, hope you'll be able to make that meeting for our group.

  4. Please join us tomorrow night, May 26th at 7:30pm for a group meeting of the minds, located at Lauren and Justin's house 312 Myrtle Street.
    Corner of Myrtle and Cypress.

    If it's nice we will be outside, bring a jacket. If it's too chilly we will move it in.
    Feel free to bring drinks or snacks to share with the group. No plastic water bottles allowed at my house :-) xo Lauren

  5. What a great first meeting. Billy thank you for your leadership and Justin and Lauren thanks for hosting. I love our working title for our name, "Transition Laguna's Cultural Creatives". Amazing that we came up with our mission statement in less than 7 minutes. We're on it.

  6. ok...finally found this.

    Summer festival great idea. I will try to round up some speakers from our local temple.

    I think they would like to participate.

  7. Hi Folks,

    We have a special ecstatic dance this Monday, because the Monday after is the full moon drum circle. Plus we're making it a "dance only" night. Course, there may be some cool lighting, some drumming and possibly hooping. Come play!

    Transition Consciousness Ecstatic Dance
    Monday, July 19
    7:30 - 10:00
    Women's Club of Laguna Beach
    St. Anne's & Glenneyre
    Plenty of parking in lot behind the club (off Glenneyre)
    $10 suggested donation