Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lets Get Deep . . .

What is needed is a new paradigm shift towards "Econophysics"-the key to interfacing the global economic system with the ecological one that can act in the real-world, framework of physics:

"There is a fundamental conflict between economic growth and environmental protection, including conservation of biodiversity, clean air and water, and atmospheric stability. This conflict is due to the laws of thermodynamics. An economic translation of the first law of thermodynamics is that we cannot make something from nothing. All economic production must come from resources provided by nature. Also, any waste generated by the economy cannot simply disappear. At given levels of technology, therefore, economic growth entails increasing resource use and waste in the form of pollution. According to the second law of thermodynamics, although energy and materials remain constant in quantity, they degrade in quality or structure. This is the meaning of increasing entropy. In the context of the economy, whatever resources we transform into something useful must decay or otherwise fall apart to return as waste to the environment. The current model of the disposable economy operates as a system for transforming low-entropy raw materials and energy into high-entropy toxic waste and unavailable energy, while providing society with interim goods and services and the temporary satisfaction that most deliver. Any such transformations in the economy mean that there will be less low-entropy materials and energy available for natural ecosystems. Mounting evidence of this conflict demonstrates the limits to our global growth!"

Many maintain the anthrocentric perspective that “man is the measure of all things” when, in reality, physics dictates the human world. In other words, ecological systems have largely conformed to the laws of physics and provide a ready-made template for the largely diverging trajectory of our global economic system. Most modern, mainstream green techies and environmentalists dream of and strive towards interfacing the synergy of the human economic system with the natural, ecological system in order to realize one seamless system that does not compromise the integrity of the other half. In terms of sheer physics, this overarching, integrated system approach towards sustainability should embrace two core strategies based in physics:

(1) Decrease the Otherwise Increasing Entropy of the Biosphere:

A. Decrease the amount of waste heat and heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the biosphere.

B. Prevent the informational/genetic losses of numerous species of plants and animals.

(2) Increase the Otherwise Decreasing Carrying Capacity of the Planet:

A. Promote responsible population growth through wise personal actions.

B. Restore and increase the terrestrial and oceanic photosynthetic productivity of the planet.

In terms of physics, striving towards these two goals will ultimately strengthen the synergy of our global economic/ecological system without compromising the integrity of the other half.

Thankyou for the Lesson Brennan Jorgensen.

Monday, July 26, 2010

events -

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of what Transition Laguna has going on in our community.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Rainwater Harvesting -

Rainwater Harvesting
From the Ocean Water Grp. ::: Michael Beanan

How to Make a Rain Barrel (video below) ::: Chris Prelitz
compliments of the GreenBuildingAdvisor .com


Here is a system designed for remote rainwater capture in our many canyons and arroyos sent to me by an engineer in Rancho Cucamonga. Capturing rainwater reduces urban stormwater runoff into the ocean and stores water at higher elevations to reduce pumping costs.

This system can increase local water reliability in the event of an emergency (fire, earthquake, etc.) and provide water for maintaining a healthy Greenbelt fuel modification zone per City Fire Code. Community gardens may also benefit from these large water capture "wells" with a small ground area footprint. The fire suppression system can broadcast water for over 3 hours during a firestorm.

There are a number of great candidate locations such as behind the Hospital in SoLaguna, Bluebird Canyon, etc. Let's see about creating one as a pilot test. I can organize a safe well digging program w/rappelling equipment for brave diggers based upon our work digging deep caissons for local remodels on steep's a good workout!

We can seek support form the water districts since LA is already doing something similar w/cisterns.

Any suggestions? We have shovels.
Ocean/Water Grp.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Transition Consciousness

Transition Laguna presents:

"The Unleashing of the Unleashing"
Part of the Transition Consciousness Monday night dance/growth programs

Monday, June 14 7:30 - 10:30pm

Women's Club of Laguna Beach
286 St. Ann's St.

Come hear what all the Transition Laguna Action groups are up to - their mission and plans, and join another group. Or get your friends to join. There will be brief presentation by Group leaders, followed by a Q & A. And then we will transition into an ecstatic dance program for the 2nd half of the evening.

Come for either, or stay for both
$10 suggested donation (though no one will be turned away for lack of funds)

Transition Consciousness is a Laguna Beach based group that stages Ecstatic Dance and Personal Growth events from 7:30-10:30pm every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at The Women's Club of Laguna Beach, located at 286 St. Anne's Drive. We are a sub group of Transition Laguna Beach, itself a sub group of Transition Town, a universal non-profit movement dedicated to creating a sustainable world. Transition Consciousness is a non-profit. Our mission is "to cultivate personal and community transformation through education, inspiration and consciousness raising activities."

For more information, contact:

Billy Fried

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Slow Money & Complimentary Currency

In the light of an uncertain economic future, the TLB Complimentary Currency group is committed to creating a complimentary local currency with the intention of building local resilience and bolstering Laguna's local businesses, tradespeople and citizens.


Waste / Recycle


Hi welcome to the waste and recycling action group.

We are the wasters! However, we will redefine "wasters".

Presently we are a small group but very passionate, focused and with big plans. We welcome you all to join our group. We anticipate becoming a huge action group capable if moving mountains, mountains of trash and recycling that is! If you have an interest in reducing litter around town, on the beaches, the use of plastic bags, encouraging and educating about recycling and composting and working towards a city wide residential and commercial composting program then JOIN US.

After all we all generate waste and we all MUST recycle.

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TLB Food Group

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TLB Green Building

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Energy & LED's Efficiency

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Insider Tips from the TLB Vegetable Garden Owners

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Thank you for visiting Transition Laguna's Mobility Action Group.

Our mission is to ensure our city meet the needs of all street users including pedestrians, bicyclists, users of public transit, motorists, children, the elderly, and the disabled. We seek to replace a transportation system dominated by the private automobile with a balanced system of mixed mode transport including walking, biking, busing, and automobiles. We seek to educate and mobilize our residents to adopt this new mobility and to preserve our community and the health and safety of its residents."

Every trip that we can make without our car is getting us one step closer to kicking our addiction to oil. Updates on upcoming rides and activities forthcoming...

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Kids Food Coop

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Education / Eco-Spirituality / Dynamics of Change Group

Billy That's right, folks.

Calling all healers, yogis, poets, dancers, trancers, hoopers, drummers, chefs and shamans. I want to hold a Transition Summer party on the beach this summer. It will be a celebration of all things Transition Laguna, where we enjoy the company of each other on a splendid summer day. It's a day of personal growth and community, where everyone brings some thing to share... either knowledge, skill, or food.
Bring yummies from your garden, provide a cooking demonstration, a healing arts workshop, or a yoga class. Me? I'll bring a fleet of kayaks and stand-up paddleboards, and a whole bunch of drums.

How about a Saturday or Sunday in August?

I'm thinking Goff Beach by the Montage, because it's quiet, secluded, calm and beautiful. Anyone wanna help organize? Volunteer something to share?

The dialogue starts here and now


Transition Laguna Beach Food COOP

::: Transition Laguna We are the Transition Laguna Beach Food COOP

Share the Neighborhood Harvest!

Why does LB Food COOP exist:
To develop, educate and inspire sustainable living through communal food sharing

How does it work?

1- Once a month members bring natural food they have grown or prepared themselves to a drop point in a canvas reusable shopping bag.

2- All the food collected is sorted by volunteers and redistributed evenly to everyone who participated that month

3- Members come back to the drop point 1 day after drop-off and collect their reusable shopping bags that are now filled with food that was provided from everyone involved.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ocean Water Group


ocean water group

Our group purpose is to engage community interest for clean ocean water, through education and action, focusing on the areas of prevention, cleanups, future legislation and government funding.

We will strive to increase public support for, and expand upon the local "no plastics in laguna beach campaign" through further education to include not only the "refuse-reuse-recycle" aspects of prevention, but also to encourage "re-purposing" and to specifically focus on educating youth to these sustainable ways of life.

Through enlightenment of community to
our very unique and sacred estuary, where both blue-belt and greenbelt join forming a potential stakeholder land area for laguna beach, we can move positively towards a goal of receiving government funding to support our local restoration and preservation efforts.