Friday, June 18, 2010

Rainwater Harvesting -

Rainwater Harvesting
From the Ocean Water Grp. ::: Michael Beanan

How to Make a Rain Barrel (video below) ::: Chris Prelitz
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Here is a system designed for remote rainwater capture in our many canyons and arroyos sent to me by an engineer in Rancho Cucamonga. Capturing rainwater reduces urban stormwater runoff into the ocean and stores water at higher elevations to reduce pumping costs.

This system can increase local water reliability in the event of an emergency (fire, earthquake, etc.) and provide water for maintaining a healthy Greenbelt fuel modification zone per City Fire Code. Community gardens may also benefit from these large water capture "wells" with a small ground area footprint. The fire suppression system can broadcast water for over 3 hours during a firestorm.

There are a number of great candidate locations such as behind the Hospital in SoLaguna, Bluebird Canyon, etc. Let's see about creating one as a pilot test. I can organize a safe well digging program w/rappelling equipment for brave diggers based upon our work digging deep caissons for local remodels on steep's a good workout!

We can seek support form the water districts since LA is already doing something similar w/cisterns.

Any suggestions? We have shovels.
Ocean/Water Grp.


  1. Sign me up. Give me a shovel and a hard hat and let's go for it.

  2. MIke this is great. I want a shovel as well. Let's get to it.